Monarch Academy’s curriculum incorporates all  areas of academic study including:  reading, math, science, English, and social studies using the Sunshine State Standards.  These standards are used to develop a comprehensive curriculum for each student.  Social skills, behavioral skills, as well as life skills are incorporated into each curriculum to allow for a multidimensional approach to each student’s educational experience. The small teacher to student ratios allow for a very direct and hands-on teaching approach.  This enables each student to receive the necessary supports throughout each school day that will allow for an optimal learning experience.  Optimizing this experience also includes close contact and communication with parents.  Parents and family members play a vital role in each child’s development in both the classroom as well as in the home and in the community.  As part of each student’s curriculum, Monarch Academy stresses the importance of social cognitive functioning through the participation in social interactions with other mentor schools.  This gives each child an opportunity to interact with other children of similar ages and build upon their existing social abilities.  

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